A Music Podcast for People who Hate Music

10. The Karaoke Challenge

The boys at the Center of the Earth are well practiced with messing with other people's music... but what about their own? This week each challenger must sing the vocal track for one of the songs used. Does Ian, a professional musician have the edge? Or is Ryan just the GOAT? Tune in to find out.

9. Not Your Daddy's Mashup

What are your favorite dad-rock songs? Are you a Kiss fan? Stones? Maybe you're like my dad and don't listen to music at all because your heart isn't capable of forming emotions. Either way the boys in the center of the earth have brought some bangers. Though one of the tracks might be considered... mom-rock??? Who can say for certain. Argue about it on our twitter @shitty_mashups

8. A Band You Don't Like That Much Anymore

Nothing like cracking open a cold one with the boys in the Center of the Earth. Grab a nice crispy brewsky and let us lead you down memory lane, by creating mashups with songs that we liked a lot in high school, but don't really like so much anymore. Also, one of use will get shot into the Earth's core. Enjoy!

7. What's on the Radio?

This weeks challenge involved going out to our respective cars (that's what we call our laser-drill vehicles), switching on the ol' radio and letting god decide our fate. Neither of the challengers had used their radios in a good long while so the results are pretty great. Who is cursed to die in the vacuum of space in the center of the earth, and who is cursed to live? The only way to find out is to listen.

6. Your First Favorite Album
first favorite.jpg

It's a brand new year! At least it is for you. But I don't need to keep going into how time is different for us down here. The challenge this week is that we have to use a song from our first favorite album. Which of the challengers liked poser music at the beginning of their musical journey? Neither because poser music doesn't exist, and calling something a guilty pleasure only shows how insecure you are in the things that you like. And if you think it otherwise then maybe YOU'RE the poser. You didn't even think about that point of view did you? Pathetic.

5. The Center of the Earth Christmas Spectacular

If there's anything decades of Christmas songs have taught us, it's that Christmas is a time of year. Is that really true? No one can say for sure. Least of all the three of us in the center of the earth, where we experience something called all-time. But nevertheless, the time stream we've decided to drop these broadcasts into is experiencing a holiday. We thought we'd follow suit. Leave out a glass of Fog Juice and a plate of MDMA for DJ Saint Nick, snuggle up next to the exhaust port, and join us while we create new classic Christmas songs.

4. The Commercialization of Music

What's your favorite jingle? Wow that's mine too! Anyway let's see what those losers in the center of the earth came up with.

3. Billboard Birth Month

What was the Billboard #1 song in the month you were born? You don't know? Well Ian and Ryan know because they had to use that song in this week's challenge. This episode featuring the incredible career of an amazing pop artist.

2. The Discogs Shake

The smashers™ are back! Each contestant is forced against their will to use a song off of a random album that they physically own. Who gets to step through the airlock this week? Tune in to find out!

1. A Song from Your Favorite Album

Episode 1 of the music crimes podcast. The challenge, one of the songs used has to be from your favorite album. Who wins? Only the Challenge Master knows for certain.