A Music Podcast for People who Hate Music

The Christmas Funtacular

Snow on the ground, lights on the trees, presents wrapped and stockings on the chimney. Oh what's that? We're off by like 3 weeks? Well Ian set his house on fire so... you're just gonna have to forgive us this time.

The Video Game Challenge [REDACTED]

This feels familiar but none of us can really put our fingers on why. We're all pretty sure that we've done videogame mashups in the past but we can't seem to find any proof. Anyway, this week the boys have to make some mashups based around videogames!

The Pandering Challenge / Our Birthday!

Can you believe we've already been doing this show for a full year? It's almost unbelievable. When we went back to count up the episodes though we noticed there's kind of an empty space that we are kind of fuzzy on. We're all pretty sure we released 4 Halloween season episodes, but we can't find them anywhere. But if we weren't here on the moon making mashups that month, what were we doing? That's not really important though. Today it's all about the man whom without this show would be nothing. Our Challenge Master Shane!

The Voice Over Challenge

I want you to take a minute and think of a voice over that you really liked. Maybe it was a movie trailer, maybe an audiobook, maybe it's that guy who used to do the voice overs for How It's Made. Remember those? God I love that show. It's still going but they have a new narrator. She does a really great job but the How It's Made guy has been there since the beginning so please forgive me if I get a little nostalgic. Is your favorite voice over Bob Saget from popular disgraced sitcom How I Met Your Mother? If so, may God have mercy on your soul.

The Underrated Challenge

In this extra long episode of Shitty Mashups you can hear us talk about The Killers, like a lot. Also a continuation of Cheeseline: The Cheese Chronicles. Real investigative journalism! Wire taps! Real rad stuff. So buckle up for a wild ride,

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Challenge

As we all know there is no musical authority more powerful than the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. That's why they had to contain it to the DMZ known as Ohio, it was too powerful. Sure, maybe in the past they've only recognized white rock musicians who stole the genre from black southerners to market tight pants, but 3 years ago they finally recognized Sister Rosetta Tharpe, the black queer woman who functionally invented the rock guitar style, so shouldn't we give them a pass? No.

The One Hit Wonders Challenge

This week on planet Moon, the boys go head to head with a couple of One Hit Wonders. Then they talk about sophomore slumps. Are we a one hit wonder? Are we now in our sophomore slump? Only You can decide.

The Halloween Spooktacular: Part 4

Well, it's finally the end of the spooky season, as we're recording this episode on Halloween night. The last few weeks sure have been ___________. Grab your PSL and put on your cozy sweater, it's time to decide who the ultimate Halloween Boy is.

To The Death

403924-09-10 --- [REDACTED] LOG: Bryson, an elder god that's existed since before the first atoms smashed into each other, has possessed the body of Challenge Master Shane. He awoke after the Music Research Facility achieved Disharmonic perfection. Nothing Else To Report.

The Lockdown Challenge

Something has happened. Please follow the instructions found in the manual. An event has occurred.