A Music Podcast for People who Hate Music

The Speedrun Challenge

The boys only had 3600 seconds to complete this open category challenge. Did they make anything good? Well, one of them did! To listen be sure to do a short backwards bunny hop in this corner on frame 8 which will instaflag the ending credits for this any% speedrun of podcasts.

The Banana Bass Challenge

That's bass, not bass. In a throwback to the forbidden episode [Z.E.R.0.], the boys set out to make some banana bass bangers. But who's banana was a banger and who's was a bungle? That's up to Shane to decide.

The Skipped Song Challenge

We've all been there. You're listening to an album, absolutely vibing, and then a skit track comes on. Or an instrumental interlude. And it doesn't even really fit thematically with the rest of the album. Feels like padding. Or maybe it's a perfectly good song, but a completely different mood from the rest of the album. What do you do? You hit skip. We've all done it, it's okay.

The All-Star Challenge

For the first time in history, Ryan and Ian have been mandated to use the same backing track for their mashup. I know some of you idiots out there are saying "backing track mandates are unconstitutional" but you're wrong. According to the Moon constitution, Shane can make us do whatever we want. We all signed it. That's just how we do it up here.

The Waveform Challenge

One of the core truths about making music is that typically you wanna hear what you're doing. But we didn't get to do that this week. Both tracks were made on mute. The results might surprise you though. Just like Beethoven, we don't need to listen to what we're doing to make masterpieces.

The Awful Chorus Challenge

Every once in a while you find yourself grooving along to a song. Tapping your toe, snapping your fingers, and then it happens. You get to the chorus, and it just blows. Like It's REAL bad and you aren't sure what happened or how you got here but you but as you scramble to pause it you get tangled up in your headphone cables because you can't afford airpods so you trip and the cable gets caught on the door knob and as your vision fades the last thing you hear is "THE BISCUITS AND THE BEANS"

The Celebrity Crossover Challenge

Since the dawn of time humankind has operated on the assumption that if you're good at one thing, you must be good at all things. It's the reason nerds online take medical advice from the dumb piece of shit from fear factor, the reason lawyers and doctors think they're good at computers (none of them are), and the reason actors start musical careers. Are some of them good? Yeah sure, but their latent fame from their previous career will often propel mediocre shit into the spotlight simply because of a recognizable name. The cycle repeats over and over, rewarding mediocrity and crushing originality under its boots. America is a failed experiment and its dream is no longer recognizable to its people.

Kind of Blue

Blue. The default favorite color for people too afraid to embrace the raw sociopathic energy of red. This week the boys had to make mashups based around the color blue, with explicit rules to NOT use Blue by Eiffel 65. Were they able to do it? Who can say.

The Christmas Funtacular

Snow on the ground, lights on the trees, presents wrapped and stockings on the chimney. Oh what's that? We're off by like 3 weeks? Well Ian set his house on fire so... you're just gonna have to forgive us this time.

The Video Game Challenge [REDACTED]

This feels familiar but none of us can really put our fingers on why. We're all pretty sure that we've done videogame mashups in the past but we can't seem to find any proof. Anyway, this week the boys have to make some mashups based around videogames!