A Music Podcast for People who Hate Music

Shane's Bachelor Party Special

There's actually no mashups this episode so if you are only here for the music go ahead and skip, but if you wanna hear the results of having all three of our original flesh bodies occupying the same general area for the first time in several years, then go ahead and boot it up. We'll have a real episode for you next week but this one is fun I promise. A little peek behind the proverbial curtain.

The Anime Challenge

That's right! This is the first-ever community requested mashup challenge! Thanks for the suggestion from like, a year ago listener ChuChu. Much appreciated. While one smasher is an avid anime fan, the other is only a casual fan. And the judge has seen maybe 2 anime. How will it turn out? Tune in next time on Dragonball Z to find out.

The Discog Shakes

In the exciting sequel to Episode 2, the boys shake up their phones to get a random album from their discogs collection. But don't worry, while the challenge is recycled, the beats are fresh as hell. Could have sworn that the first time we were somewhere else but t̶̹̝̏h̶͍̫́̇a̴̹̪̝̍̂̾t̷͓͖̋̈́̚ͅ ̴̨̤͙̏̒c̵̟̾̅a̵̲̯̐͒n̶̰̳̯͆'̶̟̘͍͋͐͝t̵̟̘̅̔ ̷͍͉͕̋̎̇b̵͍̃̄͑ę̶̛̺̦͗̑ ̵̡͔̈́̐͝r̸̙̔͐͗ȋ̷̘̘̄g̸͉̟͒̿͝ĥ̷͈͙̙̄ț̴̙̈͝

The Talk Rock Challenge / The 420 Special!

Happy holidays! There aren't many holidays these boys actually celebrate, but at least 2/3 of them celebrate this one! Shane's a government employee and a good boy though so he can't. That government being the Music Research Institute. Ian and Ryan are just contractors so they can blaze it all they want. Also, talk rock. It's like rock but the signer is a talker.

The Soul Challenge

This week the boys do their best to make soul mashups, despite being completely unqualified to do so. Is the outcome good? That's for history to decide. But given the standard for podcasts run by three white dudes... the outlook isn't great.

The Stank Face Challenge

First, I do like this Put a look on my face like I smelled some piss Bounce to the beat till it start to hurt Then I dust all the smirk off me shirt Dip to the ground as I catch the bass Then I wipe all the sweat off me face Hop back up then I start to slide Popping my collar as I glide Then I break the thang down and do The Bird Dust myself off like I just stole third Come on everybody now's the chance Fuck the Harlem Shake, this the Thizzle Dance!

The Chill Challenge

Get a nice big cup of some sort of hot beverage, snuggle up under the covers, and get ready to have your ears tenderly kissed and whispered into by the boys. Only cozy vibes allowed here. If you have uncozy vibes I DON'T WANT IT.

The Red Scare Challenge

Inopportune timing? Perhaps. But keep in mind there's quite a information delay between the earth and the moon so how were we supposed to know? This week the boys make tracks based around the color Red. Long time listeners might remember the Blue challenge from... idk like 4 weeks ago. This is like that but it's like, you know, it's a different color. Red and blue are two different colors is what I think I'm trying to say. They're both primary colors though. At least in the art color wheel. Hey can I ask you a question? Please promise to just keep it between the two of us but how the fuck does CMYK work??

The Speedrun Challenge

The boys only had 3600 seconds to complete this open category challenge. Did they make anything good? Well, one of them did! To listen be sure to do a short backwards bunny hop in this corner on frame 8 which will instaflag the ending credits for this any% speedrun of podcasts.

The Banana Bass Challenge

That's bass, not bass. In a throwback to the forbidden episode [Z.E.R.0.], the boys set out to make some banana bass bangers. But who's banana was a banger and who's was a bungle? That's up to Shane to decide.