A Music Podcast for People who Hate Music

20. Shitty Mashups: After Dark (Sexy Edition)

It was just a matter of time. You've been able to cut the sexual tension in the center of the earth with a knife for the past 19 episodes. But now it's finally time for us to lay our cards on the table, and make a sexy mashup.

19. The International Challenge

¡Hola! En este epesodio, usamos música extranjera! ¿Quién ganará? Sólo el algoritmo sabe. Fuck around and find out!

18. Political Songs

Bash the fash, baby! That's right, we're going fully political. On top of that we got Krog helping with the editing now. He's smart as hell but editing is a skill that takes practice. Help us raise dissent against [REDACTED BY THE OFFICE OF THE MUSIC RESEARCH FACILITY]

17. The Mashy's Awards Ceremony

It's everyone's favorite time of the year! The Mashy awards! Take a trip down memory lane with the boys in the center of the earth and see what mashups over the last year will receive special recognition. And don't worry, you'll still be getting another new episode on Friday as usual.

16. Instrumental Music

Welp, we messed up. Ryan is in the Isolation Cube sweating out a particularly bad case of Moon Madness. Does that mean we stop? Absolutely not. Science waits for no one. The challenge this week is to use a purely instrumental song as a backing track. Who will come out on top and who will get shot into the vacuum of space in the center of the earth? Tune-in to this top secret broadcast to find out!

15. Cartoon Theme Songs

Cartoon themes are almost always bangers. They bring to mind memories of hearing your favorite show coming on and running across the house to watch. Cracking open a Caprisun and an ice cold Otter Pop. Eating a raw Pop-Tart and getting taken to a new world of new experiences. Do Millennials spend too time trying to relive the glory days of the 90s? Yeah probably. So why in the world wouldn't we try to capitalize on that?

14. The Mama's Boy Challenge

This one goes out to the hardest working people we know: our moms! Kick your feet up and ease into the weekend with some tracks hand picked by some very special ladies.

13. Children's Music

Is there any genre of music more polarizing? Kids love it, Parents hate it. Except the one's that obsess over a certain children's media company that happens to own like 90% of film studios. All hail the mouseopoly! If any episode is gonna get us sued it's definitely this one. Enjoy it before it gets DMCAed!

12. Slow It Down

Cutting a song's BPM in half might not sound like much. Okay maybe it does. But you know why? Because it's a LOT. Who will take home the gold this week? Tune in to find out!

11. This One's For The Gamers

We all knew this was coming. It's real gamer hours here at the center of the earth. We have our various controllers and... other videogame paraphernalia. High Scores? You better believe it. Get those big numbers. Big jumps, big shoots, big Mario. You know how when he eats the mushroom and gets big? I love that.