A Music Podcast for People who Hate Music

26. Your Favorite Genre

Hey there, what's your favorite genre of music? What even is a genre of music? Can music, or anything really, be categorized? Who knows? Not us! Anyway, listen to this garbage we made!

25. The Pump Up Challenge

Grab your sweatbands, your short shorts, and your cutoff sweat shirts because this week we're getting SHREDDED. Blast this podcast into your headphones while you work out and get ready for the pump of your life.

24. Film Scores

The boys down in the center of the earth haven't been to the movies in thousands of years, as previously established the only film media they have down there is a single VHS copy of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. But that's not going to stop them from using some music from some of the movies they've heard about!

23. Momrock

This one goes out to those special ladies who rock out at the bar on a Tuesday night to White Snake. This one's for moms! The long awaited sequel to our Dadrock episode, at last the duology is complete. So put on your red shoes and get ready to dance the blues.

22. Your Favorite TV Show

This week the boys have to make a mashup that uses the theme song from their favorite TV show. Remember TV shows? Back before the surface signal interference was so bad that they became in-transmissible? Seems like thousands of years ago, because it was. Speaking of signal interference we got a [REDACTED BY THE OFFICE OF THE MRI]

21. The Extremities

What can we say? Opposites attract. Alright I'll admit, that phrase is accurate for magnets and music and like, nothing else. Luckily this is a music podcast so we're in the clear. This week the boys have to combine "extreme" music with "normie" music. Can it be done? Apparently because this episode got released. Should it have been done? Remains to be seen.

20. Shitty Mashups: After Dark (Sexy Edition)

It was just a matter of time. You've been able to cut the sexual tension in the center of the earth with a knife for the past 19 episodes. But now it's finally time for us to lay our cards on the table, and make a sexy mashup.

19. The International Challenge

¡Hola! En este epesodio, usamos música extranjera! ¿Quién ganará? Sólo el algoritmo sabe. Fuck around and find out!

18. Political Songs

Bash the fash, baby! That's right, we're going fully political. On top of that we got Krog helping with the editing now. He's smart as hell but editing is a skill that takes practice. Help us raise dissent against [REDACTED BY THE OFFICE OF THE MUSIC RESEARCH FACILITY]

17. The Mashy's Awards Ceremony

It's everyone's favorite time of the year! The Mashy awards! Take a trip down memory lane with the boys in the center of the earth and see what mashups over the last year will receive special recognition. And don't worry, you'll still be getting another new episode on Friday as usual.